FAQ – creating gifs and loops

0 I’d like to make a gif. Where can i do it? What looping videos are you taking about?

You can cut a gif at https://gifstv.com. Looping videos or Loops is advanced combined format which is much smaller and faster than a gif itself.


1 Can I create only gif while cutting a clip?

Both html5 formats(mp4,webm) and gif are provided after converting. Use any you like.


2 What is maximum length of a Loop?

5 seconds.


3 Can i create multiple Loops from one video?

Yes, sure.


4 What are advantages of your format vs. animated gif?

For example 1Mb Loop (html5 video) is 10 seconds animation with HD quality. Same gif quality will require 4Mb. This means that Loops will load much faster on the page.

You can also watch Loop in fullscreen mode.


5 How much time do Loops stay at gifstv ?

gifstv.com hosts all clips forever or until user will delete if Loop owned by user.


6 Are there any restrictions for Loops content? What genres are supported?

We welcome you to make funny, reaction gifs.

Yes we do not support adult videos.


7 How to make my clip popular?

Do not try to make you Loop long. Select an episode that is really hot or funny. Make sure that it loops good and is seamless when looping. Share it to social networks.


8 What kind of source video should I use? Should i upload it?

No need in uploading. gifstv is a tool for cutting giflike looping episodes from online video hosted at the tubes like Youtube.

You just need to copy paste the link(url) of tube page where video is. Just copy everything that is at address bar of your browser.


9 Will youtube, vimeo and other tubes be supported?

Yes , gifstv project will support video to gif for those tubes shortly.


10 Which social networks are supported?

Currently you can share to twitter, tumblr, reddit.


11 How will my Loop look like in social network?

Depending on social network and it’s restrictions. In twitter there will be thumbnail with play button on it in feed and looping clip at post detailed page. In tumblr Loops will be aminated by default in feed as well. In reddit will be thumbnail and play button (with player). Link to gifstv.com Loop detailed page will be posted there.